Festival Huge Benefit to Artists

by Emily Baird on August 7, 2010 at 8:54 am

Zanesville’s Y-Bridge Arts Festival gives local residents an opportunity to come and to experience a unique cultural outlet, but it also provides many benefits to the workers at each of the 70 booths.

"I get a lot of work from here from the people in the area. So, I just bring one chair, talk about it, and get a lot of consignments for that, " say sisters Barb White and Ann Cornell.

"There’s been great exposure for the art that I do. My photography, it’s been great to have people give you compliments and a shot in the arm for things you do and enjoy, " says Lipstick Studio artist Becky Joseph.

It is Joseph’s first time taking part in the festival. She says she’s been overwhelmed by the turnout and the people crowding on the bridge to take a look at the different art, music, and food available, and she wants to give something back for their interest in coming out.

"It’s just an opportunity for me to share with the public the kind of things that bring me pleasure that I think I can share with others, having to do with photography, nature, obviously florals are what I’m most interested in, " says Joseph.

Joseph, White, and Cornell all say they are able to participate in the festival because of their families, who inspired and encouraged them to enter a field they love.