Former Congressman John Kasich Visits

by Brittany Harris on August 4, 2010 at 5:27 am

The race for Ohio Governor made a stop in Zanesville Wednesday afternoon.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate John Kasich visited Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl to discuss his campaign plans with supporters. He spoke about issues like lowering taxes, government efficiency and working on the state’s educational system.

"Dollars are not in the classroom, the teachers are not in power, it’s the most important thing we can do to get started to make this thing work," said John Kasich, Republican Candidate for Ohio Governor.

Kasich says his successful background sets him apart from current Democratic Governor Ted Strickland.

"I understand business, and how to create a business environment, and I’ve had a great record of success when I was in politics with balancing the budget and bringing jobs and making our whole country at that point working with a team of people a more prosperous and more secure," said Kasich.

Kasich and Governor Strickland are planning to meet in two televised debates before the November 2nd election.