Getting up to Speed with Broadband

by Brittany Shannon on August 23, 2010 at 5:35 am

If you have a hard time navigating the web, a local organization is offering some help.

The Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning or "ACCEL" applied for broadband stimulus funding a year ago. They were awarded $3.1 million to educate the community about the resources available to them on the web.

"The focus of what we’re doing, we’re going have 5,250 households, and we’re going to teach those members of the households how to use the Internet and use their computer effectively," says ACCEL director, Jason Schroeder.

The project is called "Connect Your Community, and that’s exactly what ACCEL aims to do. To start off, they will hold classes throughout Guernsey, Coshocton, and Muskingum counties. Their goal is to show members of the community how to use online banking, career sites, and other Internet resources.

"Every day we see people come in and they don’t know how to write a resume, or how to email it to somebody, or how to take an online job application. Those are the kinds of skills we really want to teach people how to do," says Schroeder.

Classes will begin mid-September, and are open to anyone who is interested. For information, or to sign up for classes, visit You can also call 740.408.4993.