Health Inspections At The County Fair

by Brittany Harris on August 17, 2010 at 5:53 am

Health Officials say sanitation is very important, especially at the county fair.

Inspections are conducted every year at the Muskingum County Fair to make sure that all vendors are up to code.

"We’re looking at food storage, food preparation, employee health, washing their hands, especially that they don’t have cuts on their fingers so that can transmit bacteria to the food," said Environmental Health Director, Mike Kirsch.

Kirsch says that these inspections are not meant to be taken negatively.

"We do write an inspection report, a lot of people feel that we write a bunch of bad things, actually we use that event as an opportunity for education," he said.

Kirsch says that the Muskingum County food vendors are generally pretty good about following codes and that he has never encountered any major issues.