Income Tax Amnesty Period Coming to End

by Emily Baird on August 30, 2010 at 6:00 am

If you still haven’t filed your Zanesville City income tax, there’s only one more day until the amnesty period ends.

City Treasurer, Paul DuBeck, says his office has received a lot of calls, mostly concerning people not affected by the matter, but less than 20 people have come in and actually filed. DuBeck says it’s frustrating that people aren’t responding.

"Deep down inside, I believe the people that have gotten away maybe over the last four, five, six years still think they’re going to be able to do that. Everybody that resides in the city takes advantage of the city services, and therefore, they should pay their fair share, " says DuBeck.

DuBeck says people can’t plead ignorance. It’s their moral obligation as a citizen or business to file an income tax with the city. The next step is mailing a registration paper to every single citizen in the city.

"Require them to return it, explaining where their income comes from. We can cross reference that with the tax returns we have or ask for the W2’s, " says DuBeck.

The only problem with that is the city can’t force someone to fill that paper out and return it.

DuBeck says the city is planning on taking those who do not file their income tax to court. Money collected from the city income tax makes up a huge chunk of the city’s budget.