Jaycees Award Scholarships to Area Teens

by Brittany Shannon on August 3, 2010 at 9:37 am

Five area teens receive some help in pursuing their post high school dreams.

The Zanesville Jaycees awarded five $750 scholarships to recent graduates. Jaycees President, David Mortimer says that involvement in the community and excellence in the classroom is what sets these recipients apart.

"We had about 35 applicants and they stuck out as far as the amount of community service hours they’ve done as well as we’ve got a few valedictorians that are here that we’re honoring," says Mortimer.

Recipients include Dakota Gutridge, Donald Thomas, Kelsey Matson, Heather Izer, and Michelle Colopy. Colopy says that the award will help her further her education.

"It’s a great honor that I’ve been selected, and I hope that through my service I was able to touch people throughout the four years that i was at Rosecrans and the money will really help me toward pursuing my dreams as a nurse," says Colopy.

The Jaycees hold fund raisers to award the yearly scholarships.