Jobs a Key Focus in Election

by Brittany Shannon on August 17, 2010 at 6:05 am

A United States Senate candidate met with voters today to emphasize his focus on jobs.

Lt. Governor Lee Fisher is campaigning in his ‘Ohio Jobs First’ tour. He sees it as his main issue, and wants to work to keep jobs in the United States, and provide tax breaks to small businesses who do so.

"A growing economy is going to help Zanesville. It’s going to help our schools, it’s going to help all the services we care about so my focus is just one thing, jobs, jobs, jobs," says Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Fisher’s opponent in the upcoming election is Congressman Rob Portman, who Fisher says has had a part in the current negative job situation.

"This election will be a very big choice between Congressman Portman who was George Bush’s trade advisor and economic advisor, who shipped jobs overseas and basically is one of the reasons why everywhere you go in Zanesville, it says made in China," says Fisher.

In a comment from Portman for Senate Press Secretary, Jessica Towhey, she says, "Ohio lost nearly 400,000 jobs under Lt. Governor. Fisher’s watch and his solution is to support more of Washington’s job-killing policies and tax-and-send agenda that’s bankrupting the country and making it more difficult for Ohio to remain competitive. The truth is that, under Lt. Governor. Fisher’s watch in the last three years, six times as many Ohio jobs went to other states than overseas but he would rather Ohioans believe that someone – anyone – else is to blame for his failed record and rubbertamping job-killing policies.”