Last of ZHS Left Standing

by Emily Baird on August 2, 2010 at 6:40 am

All that’s left of the old Zanesville High School is one wall and a huge pile of rubble.

People are still gathering in the parking lot across the street, looking at the demolition and trying to hold onto a piece of history. Earl Gadd currently lives a few streets over and was out taking pictures Monday morning.

"When they started building the Roosevelt School, I made pictures of all the progress they have there. I’ll have a complete history of that. I did the same things with this school, seeing as I’m a taxpayer and it’s my dollars at work. I’m seeing how they’re doing, " says Gadd.

Asa Peller and his brother, Henry, grew up just down the street and were driving past the building. They say it was a great photo opportunity to capture.

"These lockers are just full of memories, and now they’re being torn apart. A lot is being lost when a building comes down. It’s not just a material thing. There’s a lot more to it, " says Henry.

The building is expected to be completely demolished by the end of the week. Work crews have been working on it since the beginning of July.