Local Firefighters Are Practicing Safety

by Brittany Harris on August 14, 2010 at 4:17 am

Local firefighters say practicing for fires is important, especially when it comes to new employees.

The South Zanesville Fire Department along with Wayne and Harrison Townships had a joint exercise in Village Park Saturday morning. The Ohio Fire Academy provided a Flashover Behavior Lab for the firefighters to use. .

"We’re sending groups of about ten at a time in there to see how the fire develops, and the different stages, and what to look for and whats hazardous and what’s so they can stay safe on the regular fire scene," said Lieutenant Robert Kirkbride of South Zanesville Fire Department.

The departments collectively received a federal grant which provides for training and equipment.

"With volunteer departments, budgets is always an issue and having money, this here cost 800 dollars to bring in today, so without the federal funds coming in through the grant, we wouldn’t be able to with our regular budget to pay for something like this, so this is an extra for us," said Lt. Kirkbride.

The firefighters say when the trailer is on fire, it can get up to 900 degrees.