Local Man Joins Thousands at Idol Auditions

by Brittany Shannon on August 3, 2010 at 5:35 am

To pick Levi Funk out of the crowd it might take you a while. Funk, a Zanesville native, was one of thousands to wait in line for his chance at fame.

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl employee, Levi Funk left for East Rutherford, New Jersey where a record-setting number of Hollywood-bound hopefuls lined up to audition. Before Levi’s big try-out, he took the time to describe the scene.

"What they call a cattle call, which is, they’ve got 12 tables set up in the middle of the stadium and basically they call you down section by section and they throw you in one of the tables. They’re sectioned off by curtains and they point at you and they say sing," says Funk.

Levi has been singing all of his life, and appreciates his community’s support.

"Thank you guys so much for your support, seriously this is probably one of my biggest dreams come true, it’s almost surreal."

After being told he had a great voice, judges went on to say that Levi was not what they were looking for in the competition. However, he says the experience alone was worth it.