Local Real Estate Stabilizing

by Brittany Harris on August 25, 2010 at 6:59 am

The latest home sales numbers are out and statewide things are not looking so good.

The Ohio Association of Realtors say that July home sales are down 35% from June. Zanesville Real Estate Agent Jay Butler talks about sales in this region.

"Muskingum County is only down however, 1.3%, a year ago, July, three counties: Muskingum, Morgan and Perry County, there’s a collective of 76 homes sold," said Jay Butler.

This year, 75 homes have been sold in the three counties. Butler says if homeowners are looking to purchase a new home, the time is now.

"This is a great time to buy a house, interest rates are historically low, 4.22 percent today on a thirty year fixed is unbelievable really," he said.

Butler says he doesn’t see a dramatic increase or decrease in sales in the future.