Local Woman Battles Stage 4 Bone Cancer

by Emily Baird on August 29, 2010 at 11:44 am

It’s a day Pat Johnson will never forget. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 bone cancer last October. Family, friends, and community members are rallying behind her fight against the disease and wanting to give her some piece of mind.

Johnson has faced several challenges over the years.

"They lived on Shady Lane and lost everything during the big flood, bought a new house in Zanesville, and tried to rebuild their life. Then she got diagnosed with bone cancer, and he lost his job," says event coordinator Tammi Shaw.

Johnson has been through both chemotherapy and radiation, and she continues to see her doctors every two months.

"Devastating…it takes away your self esteem. It takes away everything, " says Johnson.

But when surrounded by family and friends, it brings a smile to Johnson’s face. A cancer benefit was held in her honor this weekend at the Philo baseball field…in hopes of helping her out financially.

"It means a lot cause the medical bills just keep coming in and keep piling up, " says Johnson.

Shaw was the organizer of the event and has been friends with Johnson for eight years. It isn’t the first time cancer has touched her life. Shaw lost her aunt to the disease back in 2008.

"With my aunt, I was going to her house every day to visit her and just to watch her die a little more every day, it’s just unbearable to go through. I’m hoping I don’t have to do that with my friend, " says Shaw.

Shaw designed T-shirts specifically for the event so people would know her true feelings about the disease. She says she hopes people walk away with the understanding of how all different kinds of cancer can impact a family.

Shaw says she hopes the event can bring in between $500 and $600.

If you would like to see more on the effects of bone cancer, visit www.cancer.org.