Main Street Closed Off For Y-Bridge Arts Festival

by Brittany Harris on August 6, 2010 at 5:34 am

Main Street in Zanesville will be closed for the Y-Bridge Arts Festival this weekend, which means the Zanesville Fire Department has to make alternative plans in the event of an emergency call on Friday or Saturday.

"We have a couple different options, you know if we need to respond to an area where we would normally user Main streets span, and we can actually go north a little ways there and hit the interstate and head over in that direction, we have Dug Road to the south," said David Lacy, Fire Chief of the Zanesville Fire Department.

Lacy says rerouting for emergencies happens almost daily, especially with car accidents or construction going on in town.

"And another thing to remember is that we have equipment responding from two other fire stations, generally anytime we go on an alarm in the city, were heading to that alarm from different directions, so chances are real good that it wont cut down a lot of our response time, you know just by having a diversion," he said.

Main Street will be closed off for the festival until Saturday night.