Morgan County Stabbing on Bus Transit

by Emily Baird on August 20, 2010 at 5:32 am

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says a 63-year-old man is receiving treatment at Athens Behavioral Health Center after a Wednesday stabbing on a Morgan Transit.

Sheriff Tom Jenkins says the man reportedly held a knife to the driver, 61-year-old John Koch’s, side and told Koch to take him somewhere, besides his home. Another passenger on the bus, 56-year-old Richard Mayfield, tried to take the knife away from the man but received a serious cut to his hand. Jenkins says the suspect then demanded to go to New York. He says Koch agreed under two conditions: Mayfield be dropped off at the Morgan Counseling Center for treatment and he be allowed to get extra fuel for the trip. Jenkins says the man agreed to both, and after the driver stopped at a gas station in Malta, the suspect was taken into custody.

Charges are pending.