Pink or Blue?

by Kelly Mills on August 27, 2010 at 8:24 am

OB/GYN Dr. Robert Aepli has found out the gender of his baby for each of his 10 children. He says about 95-percent of his patients also want to know if it’s going to be pink or blue.

"I think patients inquire about that whether they are old, young or whatever. It’s hard not to know if you know the information is available for you," he says.

Dr. Aepli says ultrasounds to determine gender are usually done around week 20 in a pregnancy. But whether or not they’re able to accurately determine the sex is partially dependent on the mother’s body make-up.

"Ultrasound is dependent upon sending sound waves through into the uterus and the baby and in patients that have thick abdominal wall, those soundwaves are dispersed and the resulting images are not as accurate," he says.

And it also depends on the baby.

"Only the position of the baby and the cooperation of the baby. Patience during the ultrasound is important in terms of trying to wait until the baby moves into a position where you can see the genetalia of the fetus."

During my ultrasound week 20 of my pregnancy, the baby was very cooperative. And they’re able to say with certainty that we should start purchasing our baby items in blue.

Dr. Aepli says in general ultrasounds are about 90 to 95 percent accurate in determining gender.