Promoting the Wonders of Muskingum County

by Brittany Shannon on August 5, 2010 at 5:23 am

From the wonders of the Y Bridge to the quaint charm in the Village of Dresden, Muskingum County has a lot to teach and offer, and some people want to spread that message outside county and state lines.

Small Dresden business owner and former county commissioner, Bill Embree, has noticed the drop of local tourism in recent years. He spoke with county commissioners today about increasing Muskingum County’s tourism by putting more dollars into promoting all that the county has to offer

"That money is probably the cheapest investment that this county can make in order to get a maximum return," says Embree.

Embree says that times are changing and more people are looking to take day trips so the approach to effective advertising has to appeal to a new crowd. His goal is to expand Muskingum County’s advertising reach.

"To put together a program which would target some of these areas that people are coming from to make more familiar with what we have to offer here.

Embree says that the money needed to implement the program would depend on how wide-spread the campaign is.