Rare Animal Born at Wilds

by Ashley Drane on August 4, 2010 at 12:10 pm

On Monday we told you about a special birth at the Wilds Animal Preserve in Muskingum County. Two exotic horse-like animals born are getting a lot of attention.

"They are the loveliest creatures you’ve ever seen and the fact is, it’s break through science,"Patin said.

Tourist Bob Patin and his family had to see the endangered animals that are called Onagers.

"My whole family came from all around Ohio, some from out of state and we stayed for three nights," Patin said.

The rare Persian Onagers were born earlier this summer thanks to science.

These animals are the product of artificial insemination. It’s the first time it’s ever been done with the wild equid species. Also one of the foals is pretty remarkable because it’s also the first time that one has been produced from frozen thawed semen," Director of the Wild’s Animal Management Dan Beetem said.

After years of research they finally have results.

"It’s great to be able to see some real results with these babies on the ground," Beetem said.

Now researchers have the tool they need to raise the population of the species.

"The idea is that with only 600 or 700 left in the wild, that means they are a critically endangered animal. It’s one of the reasons that we put this effort into this research project. Trying to make sure we build an insurance population in our program to protect against losing these animals all together," Beetem said.

Patin said this is a once in a lifetime experience and his family won’t forget it.

"They will talk about it forever. They’ve seen things that they are rarely going to see any place else and there’s no place like this." Patin said.