Red Cross Blood Drive

by Brittany Harris on August 8, 2010 at 7:18 am

The Red Cross is stepping up it’s efforts to seek blood donations from the public.

A blood drive was held at the Clarence E. Miller Armory in McConnelsville, where two soldiers say they understood the importance of donating blood.

"You can replenish it, but you know that person in the hospital bed needs it. You stop in give them a little blood, get back in a few days, they get it, it could save their life you know," says Jonathan Taggert, Blood Donor.

While donating blood, one technician discovered a career.

"I told the staff what a difficult stick I was and how that he did a great a great job, and he looked at me with this big goofy look on his face, and I said no really, I know something about this I was a medic in the army for five years," Craig Fry, Red Cross Blood Technician.

Fry says the Red Cross is on low blood supply during the summer months because of an increased need from outdoor accidents.