Nichole Hannahs

Speaking out for Ohio’s Children

by Nichole Hannahs on August 20, 2010 at 5:50 am

Advocates, educators and policy makers took part in a meeting that hopes to bring a voice to Ohio’s children.

At Help Me Grow, the organization Voices for Ohio’s Children, led a discussion about how the State of Ohio’s estimated $6-7 billion budget shortfall for 2012-2013 will impact our youth.

"If we don’t invest early on in childhood the impact goes throughout their lifetime," said Board Chairman Julie Raskind. "If our kids aren’t ready in kindergarten to start learning that will impact them the rest of their lives."

With it being an election year Raskind says it’s more important than ever for the people in Southeastern Ohio and across the state to have a voice.

"This is the time to get involved and to let your legislatures know what we need to make our children successful," said Raskind. "They need to hear your voices and what you need to make our children successful."

The meeting in Zanesville is just one of eleven stops the organization will make. Voices for Ohio’s Children is a non partisan collaborative of private, public and not for profit organizations who advocate for public policy that provides for the well being of Ohio’s Children and Families.