State Troopers Enforce Safe Driving

by Brittany Shannon on August 30, 2010 at 4:39 am

State troopers in Guernsey County will be out in force throughout the month of September to reduce crashes.

The Cambridge post of the State Highway Patrol will be heavily targeting roadways throughout Guernsey County in an effort to encourage safe driving. It’s a part of their "Adopt a Milepost" initiative.

"We’re going to have an increased presence out. We’re going to try to get people on roadways where you seldom see troopers at. So you’ll see us out there in different places throughout the county. Our aviation section will also be helping us with our ground operations," says Lieutenant Nakia Hendrix of the State Highway Patrol, Cambridge Post.

Lt. Hendrix says patrols will be enforcing improper lane changing in passing, operating vehicles with defective equipment, and the number-one cause of crashes, traveling at an unsafe speed.

"We would encourage people to slow down, give themselves extra time to get to their destination, and also drive defensively and not offensively," says Lt. Hendrix.

He also asks people to check their vehicles for proper equipment, and always, to buckle up.