Veterans Returning To School

by Brittany Harris on August 26, 2010 at 5:18 am

Entering the civilian world for some soldiers has been made easier by one local college.

According to the publication, G.I. Jobs, Zane State College has been named along the top 15% of schools in the nation that are embracing Ameria’s veterans as students.

"All the services combined are to make sure the veteran have the support that they need and to accommodate them and give them a full college experience," said President of Zane State College Dr. Paul Brown.

Some of the veteran’s military experience can qualify for college credit. Dr. Brown is a retired Air Force Major and believes these veteran’s can contribute a great deal to the classroom.

"Our college is all about life experiences and hands on experiences and the more realism that you can bring from the world into the college is good for the overall community," said /Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown says the community needs to give back to these veteran’s for their service to the country. Around 100 veteran’s are currently enrolled in either Zane State College or Ohio University-Zanesville.