Waiting Until Last Minute for Required Shots

Waiting Until Last Minute for Required Shots

by Emily Baird on August 2, 2010

The countdown is beginning to the start of school. With less than a month away for most districts, kids need to have their updated vaccinations, especially those heading into kindergarten and 7th grade.

The state recently required that kindergartners receive a second chicken pox shot and 7th graders receive an second DTAP shot…otherwise, they will not be allowed to advance to that grade.

The Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department is offering child immunization clinics. All you have to do is call and set-up an appointment if you are a Muskingum County resident. Staff say most parents are aware of the new requirements.

"They’re not aware in most cases of recommended vaccines that they can also have. A lot of times they come to the window and say they’re all up-to-date except they need the DTAP. Well, they can have a second chicken pox. They can have two Hepatitis A’s. They can have a meningitis shot, " says Pediatric Immunization Coordinator, Joan Hazard.

It’s important for kids to receive these vaccinations as a preventable measure.

"It’ll keep you out of the hospital, keep you from being sick for a month, or keep you from even worse than that, " says Hazard.

The health department will give parents an updated vaccination sheet and make a copy for the school districts to have on record.

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