Webworms Nesting in Trees

by Emily Baird on August 10, 2010 at 6:00 am

If you take a look outside, you’ll notice many trees across Southeastern Ohio have web-like nests on their branches.

There’s been a return of the fall webworm this year. Climatic conditions and an emergence of the insect every couple of years is being blamed for the increase. They tend to congregate more in hickory, walnut, and wild cherry trees.

"Although the appearance looks pretty bad, the damage is more cosmetic than anything significant. Typically, they don’t cause the tree to die. They make the tree look bad. They eat a lot of leaves, " says OSU Extension Educator, Mark Mechling.

Mechling doesn’t recommend you spray anything in the trees, but there is a natural control method you can use.

"If you can get a stick and kind of remove that webbing, often times that will allow some of the predators to gain access to the caterpillars. Birds will feed on them, " says Mechling.

The fall webworms are only expected to last another month before temperatures start turning cooler.