Nichole Hannahs

WHIZ Exclusive: Inside the new ZHS

by Nichole Hannahs on August 17, 2010 at 11:21 am

It’s eye candy from the outside. But this evening I got a chance to take an exclusive behind the scenes look into the new Zanesville High School.

Desks are empty now and construction still ongoing but in three short weeks these empty halls will be full.

"Although the other building was very long this building is very big," explained Darrell Lear Zanesville School District’s new construction liaison. "We’ll have all the rooms tabled, but it’s going to take some time to work their way around."

Those new classrooms feature some exciting technology like smart boards and overhead projectors in each classroom and for students who may like to fain a hearing impairment.

"There’s speakers, sound systems all over the building," said Lear. "Their teacher will have a microphone on her that when she speaks it will be able to be heard all through the room."

There’s also some cost saving devices like geothermal technology that uses water to heat and cool the school as well as energy saving lighting.

Lear said, "It’s awesome. There’s things that took my breath away."

From center stage at Zanesville High School’s new auditorium to the best seats in the house overlooking the football field.

"We’ll probably have to lock the doors and change all the keycodes on game nights so people can’t get in and set in the cafeteria and watch the ball game," joked Lear. "It’s an awesome view from there and we may even have dinners in there so people can have dinner and watch the ball game."

And for those sports fans, a new glimpse of the gymnasium. Bleachers are being put in, the floor is down as well as the baskets just waiting for the 2010 Blue Devils to make another run at the state tournament. And it looks like everything is on schedule.

"They won’t have many days to set the rooms up. Plus we got to unload six semi trucks to get stuff in their room before they can start  setting up. We may be here the Saturday of the 3rd and 4th loading stuff in the building, but hopefully, we’ll get done before that."

Until then we’ll wait for the first school bell to ring on September 7th.