36 Water Main Breaks in 30 Days

by Emily Baird on September 1, 2010 at 5:00 am

The Zanesville City Water Maintenance Department is dealing with an outrageous amount of water main breaks for this time of year…36 in 30 days to be exact. Five of those breaks happened in a single day.

Public Service Director, Mike Sims, says the department isn’t sure of the exact cause, but they do have a theory.

"When the ground is as dry and as hard as it is, it’s very similar to how it is when it’s frozen. Every signal, every rumble over the pavement transmits down to the lines and jostles them around a little bit because there’s no give in the soil, " says Sims.

Sims says it also could be attributed to the age of the water lines, but he says water flow doesn’t seem to be an issue even though it’s desperately needed with all this heat.

"I would speculate we have a lot of people watering lawns and gardens now because of the dry spell, but we’re not having any problems maintaining levels in our tanks, pumping, or anything like that, " says Sims.

Sims says all available crews have been recruited to repair the water lines or patch up the road where a break has occurred, and that’s stalling out a main water replacement project on Harding Road.