Area Bands Take to the Field

by Emily Baird on September 25, 2010 at 8:59 am

It’s the oldest continuously running marching band show in the state of Ohio.

The 48th annual Bonanza of Bands was held at Sulsberger Stadium in Zanesville, with 18 marching bands competing. While most of the students were from area schools, some also traveled up from Marietta and Pickerington as well.

"It’s a rush. It’s so exciting to be out there, to be performing for this entire audience. It takes a lot of skill and feels so great to know that we’ve done that. We’ve put that together, " says Zanesville High School "Blue Devil" Marching Band member Colleen Robinson.

Robinson plays the clarinet and is Senior Field Commander this year. She says she decided to take up an instrument because it’s a family tradition, dating back to her grandmother.

The Bonanza of Bands allowed students, like Robinson, to see what other marching bands are working on.

"Participating in marching band is the hardest thing that goes on in this high school. You have courses in physics and calculus, but when you think that the kids that are out there on the field are actually making judgments and memorizing music. We’re not only about getting the right notes, but the right rhythms, " says Zanesville High School "Blue Devil" Marching Band Director, Kelley Ryan.

Each band was judged on their musical ability, marching routines, the direction of their field commander, and the impact of their entire performance.