Back to School for Area Firefighters

by Brittany Shannon on September 7, 2010 at 5:33 am

Practice makes perfect which is why the Muskingum County Fireman’s Association is holding classes for fire departments to continue their education.

It’s the 40th Annual Muskingum County Fire School and it provides fire fighters from Muskingum and surrounding counties the opportunity to pick up required continuing education units in addition to acquiring hands-on training. National Trails Fire Department is this year’s host.

"It’s just a great opportunity. All the departments. Not only do we get an opportunity to learn, but we get an opportunity to work together which is something that’s very important in the event of a mutual aid fire," says Steve Dupler, Assistant Fire Chief for National Trails Fire Department.

One of the classes departments can take is a live burn that will be held in a commercial building in downtown Zanesville.

"There will also be things like auto extraction, some advanced classes in that. There are quite a few EMS-related classes that will be taught by doctors here in the area. Some of our instructors are coming from Columbus so it will just be a good time," says Dupler.

Fire School will be held October 2 and 3, 2010. All classes aside from the live burn will be held at West Muskingum High School. For the reduced rate of $15 a day, those interested must register before September 20, 2010. The price jumps to $20 a day after that date. To sign up, see your fire department for a registration form and list of classes.