Blog: Chunky Mama

by Kelly Mills on September 21, 2010 at 6:39 am

A lot of women wouldn’t broadcast their weight on the Internet, but hey in the spirit of being completely honest with you all here goes nothing. Just because I do a pregnancy series on the news doesn’t mean I do things the way I know they should be done. It’s kind of like when you’re little and your parents tell you, “do as I say not as I do.”

Monday I went for my 25-week check-up. During pregnancy a normal-sized woman should gain 25 to 35 pounds. Before I was pregnant I normally weighed around 120 to 125 pounds. Luckily for me when I went to my first doctor’s check-up at around 10 weeks I was already up to 129, so that’s the weight used to gauge how much I’ve gained by Dr. Aepli. Well as I wrote in my last blog I had gained seven pounds in between appointments last time… my weight at that appointment was… 146. We just thought it was “vacation weight.” Haha well I haven’t been on vacation in the past month and Monday my weight was 154 pounds! That’s right folks, eight pounds this month! Not cool. So far according to my doctor I’ve gained 25 pounds, but it’s really probably about 30 off from my usual weight. Shhh, don’t tell. That means I should only gain around five to 10 pounds in my next 14 weeks of pregnancy. Not likely.

So how did this happen? Well for starters I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a major attraction to cheese fries and peanut butter pie the last few months. And I’ve never really been one to workout. It’s especially not happening now-a-days because I’m too tired to do pretty much anything. I’m used to being able to eat what I want and not workout and maintain my weight at 120 to 125, but it doesn’t work that way when you’re pregnant!

So what to do now? Well my mom gained 80 pounds with her first baby. She eventually lost it all, but I’m just not willing to put in that much effort. So I need to take some steps to get this under control. First I’m going to make my husband take me on walks. Sound like a puppy don’t I? He likes to workout everyday and I know I won’t do it unless he pushes me and makes me. I’m also going to try and eat healthier. Which is unfortunate because KFC just started selling Reese’s Pie, so I could’ve eaten there breakfast, lunch and dinner and been happy. It’s hard because I don’t cook and I’m always on the go. I usually just grab the easiest option available. Also, I’m cutting out any beverage unless it’s water, milk or juice.

It all sounds easy right? I mean I told every other pregnant lady they should follow these guidelines in my nutrition, fitness and cravings stories. It won’t be, but it’s necessary. Dr. Aepli says an ideal baby should be between seven and seven-and-a-half pounds. If I keep going the way I’m going I’ll have a 15 pound baby. I’ll keep you all updated, now that the numbers are out in cyberspace there’s no going back!