Nichole Hannahs

Columbus Bomb Squad in Frazeysburg Update

by Nichole Hannahs on September 19, 2010 at 3:30 am

An interesting Saturday evening in the Village of Frazeysburg as a call of a possible bomb in a home turns into an actual bomb in another location.

Frazeysburg authorities were called to the scene around 5pm Saturday near an abandoned home on Post Office Alley. Those at the residence said they weren’t sure if a shell found in the area was a bomb, so emergency personnel were called, including the Frazeysburg Fire Department, Police Department and Columbus Bomb Squad. The shell was determined not to be a problem, but what happened next was cause for concern.

"Just as soon as that happened we had an elderly gentleman walk over through the Dairy Queen parking lot," said Frazeysburg Police Chief Nick Garver. "He said our attention was needed in his vehicle in the center console."

The item in the man’s vehicle was determined by authorities to be a live device that need to be detonated. The Columbus Bomb Squad handled the incident from there.

"I don’t believe it was a malicious thing. I think it was people acting in good faith. Finding an ordinance and not knowing what it was," explained Garver.

The ordinance was taken to Frew Ball Park in Frazeysburg to be detonated. It’s time like these fire chief David Smith said it’s important to have his force in the village.

"It’s definitely important that your emergency services are local," said Smith. "We have strong support from our community, from our Village Council and it shows how involved we get and how important it is to remain local."

Police Chief Garver said he doesn’t expect to file charges on anyone in this incident.