Downtown Memorial Almost Complete

by Ashley Drane on September 30, 2010 at 3:28 am

The Veterans Memorial Committee still needs a little more money to meet its goal.

The Veterans Monument in downtown Zanesville is almost finished. Muskingum County Veterans Secretary Treasurer Jeff Dittmar says they plan to have it completed by November 6th, but still need more funds.

"We still need  $13,400 to complete the project and we’re still hoping that the people will still understand that we’re in the final phases," Dittmar said.

The money goes to sculptor Alan Cottrill to finish the helmets. He’s excited about this monument.

"I thought the empty helmet was the perfect symbol for the fallen soldiers and indeed this monument honors the 297 soldiers that died in World War II and Korea from Muskingum County.  There will be one helmet for each soldier with his name in raised letters," Cottrill said.

Also, Ditmar wants to remind veterans to come forward so they can be honored. All the vets will be receiving a medal to thank them for their service to our country.

"Soldiers Sailors Monument Association is going to be providing a little medal for each World War II and Korean Veteran and we’re hoping that they attend this lovely event," Dittmar said.

Veterans should contact Jeff Dittmar at 740-453-8303 for more information on how to be honored at the unveiling of the Memorial next month.