Elections Commission Dismisses Trustee Complaint

by Brittany Shannon on September 2, 2010 at 8:08 am

A complaint filed by Muskingum Township trustee, Steve Fusner, is overturned by the Ohio Elections Commission in a hearing today.

According to Philip Richter, Executive Director of the Ohio Elections Commission, in the hearing Fusner v. Muskingum Township Fire Department, there was no violation of law in the complaints against the volunteer fire department. Richter says that the decision was made under a federal statute that allows corporations’ involvement in partisan political activities. "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" allows corporations to make alignments with a party or side. Richter states the Elections Commission was unanimous in their decision.

Fusner filed complaints against the volunteer fire department claiming that they used funds improperly and endorsed certain trustee candidates.

Former fire chief John Benson of the Muskingum Township Fire Department calls the complaints "frivolous," and says that the disbanded volunteer fire department was "defending their honor."