Evening with Hiring Professionals

by Brittany Shannon on September 29, 2010 at 8:46 am

Landing a job can be tough, that’s why the Muskingum County Opportunity Center along with human resource professionals are offering helpful tips to give people a leg up in the hunt.

The first impression you give to a potential employer is through that important piece of paper known as your resume. Those in attendance Wednesday night at the "Evening with Hiring Professionals" got some good advice.

"You want to stand out in a good way, so you want your resume to be very clean, neat accurate, flawless, no mistakes," says Jane Evans, Human Resource Consultant for J.K. Evans and Associates.

Professionals were also there to talk about the importance or proper attire for an interview, and how to highlight your best attributes.

"Your personality traits, your transferable skills and then job-related skills and how that relates to the employers needs," says Jamie Clark, President of Muskingum Valley Human Resource Management Association.

The number one thing they say to stay away from is lying about anything on your resume.