Farmers Harvesting Early

by Ashley Drane on September 13, 2010 at 1:40 am

Not only has it been dry lately but it’s been extremely hot this summer which is forcing farmers to harvest early.

It’s been a tough growing season because of the little rain we’ve gotten the last month or so. OSU Extension Educator Mark Mechling says it’s very unusual for farmers to start harvesting this early.

"We planted our crops very early. We had some people even plant in the early part of April this year which is very unusual. Then we had this extremely warm summer and the heat drives the growth and development of the crops.So they just matured earlier this year. Then since about July we’ve had extremely dry conditions and those dry conditions have basically stopped the crop from growing anymore," Mechling said.

The advantage is that farmers will be able to get the produce out earlier. But there is a disadvantage too.

"We didn’t get the late summer rains so the corn perhaps didn’t fill out as well as it should have. The soy bean, the individual soy beans will probably be a little smaller than usual which will lead to some yield reductions. So there are some good and bad… we’ll get the crop out earlier however and we’ll probably see some yield reductions," Mechling said.