Fatal Accident On The Y-Bridge, Officers Commended

by Brittany Harris on September 10, 2010 at 9:03 am

An early morning accident on the Y-Bridge claims the life of a Zanesville man. Three Zanesville police officers are being recognized for their heroic efforts to try to save the man’s life.

A tragic car accident on the Y-Bridge took the life of 28-year-old Ryan McCuen of Zanesville.

"About 1:30 this morning a car was southbound on Linden Avenue missed a turn at the Y Bridge, crashed into the bridge itself, the gas tank was pierced and the car bursts into flames and there was a fireball," said Captain Mike Baker of the Zanesville Police Department.

Officers Tague and Groves of the Zanesville Police Department witnessed the explosion and annouced that a car was on fire. Several officers responded to the scene immediately.

"Mark Stoffer went directly up the car, fought his way through the flames, to try to get the guy out of the car. He tried twice and failed both times," said Cpt. Baker.

He says on the third attempt Stoffer was able to successfully break the window and pull McCuen part way out of the vehicle.

"Travis Groves and Scott Blanton then helped him get the guy completely out of the car, unfortunately the man did not survive," he said.

Stoffer and Groves suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation and have been treated and released from the hospital. He says these officers went beyond the call of duty.

"They were trying to save the guy’s life, and they thought they had a chance to do that and put their own lives at risk to accomplish that goal," he said.

According to Baker, Stoffer said the idea of the man burning was a horrible thought and he decided McCuen was not going to be left inside the car. All three officers will be issued commendations.
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