Genesis Providing Help for Coal Miners

by Brittany Shannon on September 24, 2010 at 5:24 am

Those who worked in the area’s coal mines in the past, could be at-risk for breathing problems, including Black Lung Disease.

Spending years and years in coal mines could lead to a high risk of developing the respiratory disease known as Pneumoconiosis. Friday, Genesis Black Lung and Respiratory Disease Clinic held Coal Miners Appreciation Day to give miners a chance to get screened, and learn about their options.

"They do a breathing test to see how their breathing is. We do a blood test to check their oxygen. They get a chest X-Ray to tell where the pneumoconiosis is," says Yvonne Adair, Genesis employee at the Black Lung and Respiratory Clinic.

"We have close to 100 coal miners this year that have been tested for the black lung," says Ashlee Clark, Genesis employee at the Black Lung and Respiratory Clinic.

At attorney who defends those with black lung disease spoke to coal miners about the benefits they deserve if affected by the illness.

"The nature of the disease is such that it usually catches up with people late in life. We have a lot of folks here who are suffering very severe lung disease and in many cases, not all, but in many cases it’s because of their lengthy tenure in the coal mines," says Tom Johnson, Principle of Johnson Jones Snelling Gilbert and Davis Law Firm.

In order to qualify for federal benefits, a person must be tested. Genesis Black Lung and Respiratory Health Clinic can perform all necessary tests.