Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department Open House

by Brittany Harris on September 11, 2010 at 8:02 am

Equipment is on display at one local fire department.

The Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department hosted an open house Saturday afternoon. The station was built solely on tax payers dollars, so the firefighters felt it would be a good chance to show the public where their money is going.

"Being out in a rural area we just never know what kind of call we’re going to get, it might be anywhere from a car wreck to a four wheeler to a hunter, you just never know what kind of car you’re going to get. So you just gotta be able to handle pretty much any kind of call that comes across to us," said Lieutenant Todd Elmore of the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department.

One of the firemen demonstrated how they use a tool often referred to as "the jaws of life" to cut off a car door. They also showed us how they break windows using a small tool known as a window punch.

I had the chance to get geared up and use the fire hose. The firefighters told us that there’s about 120 pounds of water pressure.

"I mean you see how close some of these houses are and within two minutes you gotta be packed up and breathing air and ready to go into a house fire," said Elmore.

Transporting patients to the hospital will now be even faster with the opening of the Level 3 Trauma Center at Good Samaritan hospital in Zanesville

"That’ll help us out and especially E.M.S. it’s that golden hour, I mean the quicker we can get them to a hospital they can actually treat them, the better off that patient will be," said Elmore.

Lieutenant Elmore says the station has routine practices so the firefighters are prepared for any emergency.