Head Injuries In Football Players

by Brittany Harris on September 2, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Football season is back, but so are the injuries.

Between practice and games, football players are taking big hits.

"Football is a rather violent game there’s a lot of collision, so a concussion has always been a major concern I think of all coaches," said Maysville High School Head Football Coach Whit Parks.

Time magazine reported that somewhere between 46,000 and 67,000 highschool football players suffer concussions each year. The coaching staff says their main goal is to keep the football players safe.

"One thing we tell our coaches is that we want to treat these young men as if they were our own sons. So obviously we want to take care of them, I coached my own sons and I understand the concern for their health in this game," said Coach Parks.

According to health officials, concussion’s temporarily interfere with the way the brain works and can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance and coordination.

"We will watch that person throughout the course of the week to see how they are progressing, we ask a lot of questions, and thats where our athletes have to be honest with us as to what they’re feeling," said Maysville High School Athletic Trainer Joe Johnson.

Coach Parks says while he can’t prevent players from being injured, he can give them the best equipment money can buy. He says each football helmet costs $260.00.

"I do think we’re wearing better equipment now then we use to play, use to wear back in the day, so I think that’s a great factor," he said.

Johnson says players in any kind of impact sports are more susceptible to concussions and advises parents to know the symptoms.