Kids Learn the Importance of Agriculture

by Brittany Shannon on September 18, 2010 at 4:48 am

We may not always think about where the food on our plates is coming from. That’s why a special day at the fairgrounds is working to do just that.

Farm City Day has been teaching the importance of agriculture for 16 years. This year, their theme is ‘vegetables rock’ and they’re focusing in on kids.

"With kids today, so many of them are so many years removed from the farm. A lot of them don’t understand where their meat, eggs, and milk come from. We can bring that relevance to them and teach them where the food on their plates comes from. It starts as a product of agriculture," says Kari Burkey, Organization Director for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

From planting seeds to checking out some vegetables, kids got to experience many sides of agriculture.

"Somewhere they have this thing where you turn this thing and it shoots the corn out of it," says Michael Morsko.

The event also had a V.I.P. potato-peeling contest in which our very own Carolyn Fleegle peeled her way to first place!