Last Minute Travel Tips

by Brittany Shannon on September 3, 2010 at 7:43 am

As Summer begins to wind down, an expected 34.4 million travelers will be making their way from point A to point B this holiday weekend.

Ohio auto club AAA has some travel tips that will keep you safe, and sane. According to AAA, the majority of travelers, 91% to be exact, will be on the roadways, up more than 10% from 2009.

Ohio AAA public relations manager, Kimberly Schwind says numerous factors could cause some travel delays, so take your time.

"Be patient, and expect unexpected delays this weekend. Whether you’re traveling by car, or by air. Especially by air we have Hurricane Earl and could be leading to some airline delays over the next couple of days," says Public Relations Manager, AAA Ohio Auto Club, Kimberly Schwind.

Compared to 2009, travel is expected to rise 9.9% this Labor Day. Schwind says there are numerous reasons for the increase.

"There’s actually two factors. One, the economy just a little bit better this year, and the second is people really have a pent-up demand for traveling so we are seeing more people wanting to travel."

According to Schwind, most travelers will be making regional trips to visit family and friends.