Local Officials Remember 9/11

by Brittany Shannon on September 8, 2010 at 10:12 am

September 11th, 2001. The day this country suffered a deadly terrorist attack. It’s been almost nine years, and since that date, significant steps have been taken in securing our nation. We spoke with local officials who have witnessed the changes.

It’s a day that will be written on the hearts of Americans forever.

Whether you witnessed the towers fall one by one, or turned on the TV to see it replay over and over, that day changed the way Americans think, and the rules our country lives by.

While local officials weren’t serving next to the New York Fire Department, they felt the tremors of that day miles away from the rubble.

"None of us probably personally knew those fire fighters in New York. You still felt for their families and you knew what they were going through you know, with that big of a loss and the impact that would have on a department forever," says Fire Chief Dave Lacy of the Zanesville Fire Department.

At the time of 9/11, Chief Lacy was assistant fire chief. Since that day, fire departments around the country have become a part of Homeland Security, where being prepared for any situation in a ‘unified command’ is the key.

"You have law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency management agency, health department, and all the agencies working together to overcome whatever the incident is."

Working with law enforcement prior to 9/11, was rare. Now, they have what Chief Lacy calls ‘information sharing’ where intelligence is constantly relayed between local, regional, and federal officials.

"It’s just been greatly enhanced after 9/11. Everybody working a little better together."

Chief Lacy says that while steps have been made in the event of a national crisis, they also help the department handle local situations.