Makeovers for Job Seekers

by Ashley Drane on September 28, 2010 at 12:18 pm

The Muskingum County Opportunity Center and Mid-East Career and Technology Center Cosmetology class are teaming up to help people look the part when applying for a job.

Like many people that have been laid off going to a salon is something unemployed people simply can’t afford right now.

"We’re sad and there are a lot of emotions that go with it you feel like you’ve let someone down," Tara Adornetto said.

Tara Adornetto has been unemployed since June and is searching for an administrative job.

"People do judge a book by it’s cover so your appearance is important," Adornetto said.

But being out of work has forced her to make cuts.

"I haven’t had my hair cut or styled probably since May.This is one of the expenses that we’ve cut from our budget so we’ve all kinda let ourselves go," Adornetto said.

Tuesday the Muskingum County Opportunity Center was here to help.

"We all know our community is saturated with job seekers, so we’re an event to help boost their self esteem, so give them a free make over so when they go out to that interview they will feel good about the way they look, Justy Cordray said.

Project Coordinator Justy Cordray said these days most people apply online.

"By the time you get to the point where you actually get the interview it’s important to make a good first impression," Cordray said.

So professionals from around town are giving out free makeovers at Mid-East career and Technology Center.

"By them doing this today they are helping pick us up by making us feel good and to look good when we go out for our job interviews and it’s really really nice of them to do it for free for us," Adornetto said.

"It always makes you feel better when you are putting your best foot forward…I would say just to keep in mind you only have that one opportunity to make a first impression and you should always dress for success," Cordray said.

Tara had her hair cut and styled and had her makeup done.

"I haven’t stopped smiling," Adornetto said.

Cordray said she’s glad this helped boost her confidence.

"A clean polished look and a smile that’s the best asset you have on any job interview," Cordray said.