Muskingum County Aide in Perry County

by Brittany Shannon on September 23, 2010 at 5:58 am

In the wake of last Thursday’s tornadoes, areas surrounding Perry County pulled together equipment to provide them with the help they needed. Muskingum County offered many of the necessary resources.

EMA director Bo Keck spoke with county commissioners about the assistance Muskingum County was able donate to the storm-stricken county.

"We took our communications tower down, we took a light tower down. Between the fire and EMS we took squads and trucks and a hazard trailer which is a structural collapse trailer, and of course, a lot of man power," says Bo Keck, Director of Muskingum County EMA.

Keck says all reports from Perry County show that things ran well.

"I was really happy with our resources that were in the county volunteering and sending people down and helping another county out. If the same thing had happened here, I’m sure they would do that for us too," says Keck.

County commissioners were happy to hear how well things in Perry County played out, and say that the Muskingum County EMA is very well-prepared for any incident.