New Business Celebrates Opening in Zanesville

by Brittany Shannon on September 3, 2010 at 7:36 am

A Zanesville general store that Mayor Butch Zwelling is calling ‘one of a kind’ offers a variety of services to the public.

The Sate Street Market located on the corner of State and West Main Streets, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday. They lowered gas prices by almost 30-cents, and plan to keep it that way through the weekend.

Owner Rocky Rana says they provide things that most gas stations do not.

"It’s more/less a neighborhood store where people can stop. We sell beer, wine, liquor, groceries, that kind of thing," says store owner, Rocky Rana.

They made major renovations to the general store, and recently re-opened the adjoining car wash. Mayor Zwelling is thrilled to hold another ribbon cutting in the City of Zanesville.

"Rocky, the owner has another store in Columbus and we are so glad that he’s come to Zanesville because it’s a great addition to our community," says Mayor Zwelling.

Throughout the weekend, State Street Market will be offering free food and music for the community.