New Parking Lot Will Alleviate Traffic

by Ashley Drane on September 23, 2010 at 1:14 am

One local road will soon be easier to travel on during school rush hour.

Crews at the new Zanesville High School are working to get the parking lot finished before Thanksgiving. Construction Liaison Darrell Lear said when it’s finished it should alleviate some of the traffic on Blue Avenue at the start and end of the school day.

"Parents are going to go up the drive as we’re standing here and go up this way they’ll come out another entrance down there it’s going to be a one way around so it actually should be less confining and easier for everybody to get in and out because there is more room they won’t be stopping in the middle of the street there will be places for them to go," Lear said.

Lear said the road can get congested because people stop in front of the building but the new parking lot should keep the flow moving and eliminate any congestion.

There is one change they are trying to make. He said right now you can’t see the bottom floors of the building from the road.

"We’re looking to cut the parking lot down and make it lower so that when you get up to where the sign is you can see the whole building. It’s one of the things we’re looking at here as a possible slight change," Lear said.

The parking lot will have an upper and lower tier and 180 spaces. It’s expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.