New School Year in New School Buildings

by Brittany Shannon on September 7, 2010 at 5:37 am

It was the first day of school for Zanesville City Students, and it was the first time three of the district’s buildings have had kids filling the hallways.

Zanesville High School, John McIntire Elementary, and Zane Grey Elementary started the year off with ribbon-cuttings as they begin the new school year in new school buildings. Principal of Zane Grey Elementary, Jeff Moore, says everyone is looking forward to the school year.

"Oh we’re excited. Myself, students included, the staff. Just wonderful. The nuance of the building and all the newness that it brings. The kids are smiling right now and it’s just a great start for us," says Principal Moore.

The new school features a computer lab and smart boards in each classroom.

"We’re expecting to get in there and do a good job with these kids and get them to know each and every one of them, care about them and what they do. And obviously our ultimate goal is to make sure they achieve that year’s growth in their academic journey," says Principal Moore.  

While some dust and dirt remain, Principal Moore says that a little patience now will pay off with a brand new playground for the kids.