OSU Road Scholars Tour

by Brittany Harris on September 2, 2010 at 5:09 am

The Ohio State University is hitting the road.

56 administrators, staff, and faculty members from the Ohio State University are wrapping up their two-day Road Scholars Tour of southeast Ohio, where they learned more about the school’s impact on the community. The trip included several stops, one of which was to the Wilds.

"The Wilds is of interest to us we have research, teaching, and programs that we conduct with the wilds and it’s another part of understanding where Ohio State’s involvement in the communities outreach, research and teaching," said Dean of  the College of Veteranarian Medicine Lonnie King.

King believes these trips are important in finding ways to better our society as a whole.

"Ohio State is you know a land grant university, you know it’s founded on the whole concept of access to university to higher education, and to take societies problems and to be able to help solve those," said King.

The Road Scholars Tour started in 1997 by Ohio State University President Gordan Gee.