Problems Catching Zzzzzzz’s When Pregnant

by Kelly Mills on September 3, 2010 at 7:24 am

Pregnancy makes women very tired, yet many have a hard time getting to sleep.

When you’re pregnant a restful nights sleep is slowly taken away by hormonal, physiological and anatomical changes.

"Early in pregnancy lot’s of different hormones are pumped up and many people have insomnia. As pregnancy continues because of the size of the baby and extra weight in the pelvis, you tend to get more and more uncomfortable, so sleep patterns are not good in many instances," says Dr. Robert Aepli, OB/GYN.

If you can get to sleep, it’s not as restful.

"Studies have found that Rapid Eye Movement sleep, as well as what’s called Stage Three and Four sleep responsible for good rest, are interfered with during pregnancy," says Aepli.

And you’re guaranteed to have some strange dreams.

"We don’t know the reason, but it’s definitely true that many pregnant people have crazy dreams during pregnancy," he says.

The extra weight from pregnancy can also cause some serious issues like sleep apnea.

"As you approach term with carrying the baby, you may create some mechanical difficulties with just have effectively you can inflate your lungs and breath," says Dr. Roger Balogh, sleep specialist.

If sleep apnea develops you should tell your doctor and they can monitor it.

"Undetected sleep apnea can put a woman at a higher risk for high blood pressure and also something called preeclampsia," says Dr. Balogh.

The best tip the doctors can give you to get a restful nights sleep- get rid of the caffeine and fluids and add some extra pillows.

"Use of pillows are real important as your pregnancy progresses to try to get yourself in a comfortable position," says Dr. Aepli.

If you’re still having problems sleeping talk to your doctor who may be able to provide a sleep aide.