Proposed Plans for Campus Addition

by Brittany Shannon on September 27, 2010 at 5:55 am

As the two-year college aims to foster growth among students, Zane State itself has noticed a significant increase in enrollment within the past six years.

As a way to handle the growing population of students as well as provide more learning opportunities, Zane State is looking into adding an Advanced Science and Technology Center to its Zanesville campus which will offer various energy programs. Solar energy, geothermal technology and wind energy are just a few of the programs.

"The Advanced Science and Technology Center will have all those energy sources as a way to power the building but the unique part about it is that each one of those sources will be exposed to the students so they can actually see how those geothermal and solar panel systems operate," says Dr. Paul Brown, President of Zane State.

President Brown hopes that construction on the project can begin within a year. It will be located across from the current campus.