Reaching out to Local Organization

by Emily Baird on September 11, 2010 at 9:09 am

200 community members from Muskingum and surrounding counties are using their talents to raise money for an organization that targets pregnant women.

The fifth annual "Passion for Life" performance was held at Secrest Auditorium Saturday evening. The event was free, but all money collected from an offering at the end of the night benefits Zanesville’ Heartbeat Family Center.

"The center helps women with crisis pregnancies, and they always do their work with so little money. They greatly need more resources, " says performance director Elizabeth Johnston.

The performance is the center’s biggest fundraiser of the year. During the past four years, it’s brought in more than $40,000. The center’s Interim Director says the event is influential, demonstrating that there are other options out there for women besides abortion.

"It helps spread the word that we are here because I hear at least once or twice a week, ‘I didn’t even know you guys existed. I wish i would have known you were here five years ago,’ " says Interim Director, Tess Davis.

The center currently serves 300 to 400 women each year face-to-face, and it also reaches out to a number of others through phone counseling.