Safety Measures in the Car

by Emily Baird on September 21, 2010 at 8:06 am

It’s the leading cause of death among kids…accidents on the roadway. But the AAA Auto Club says parents can help prevent this from happening just by taking a few simple safety precautions.

Infants should be placed in a car seat in the back of the car and have the car seat facing the rear. As kids grow, the child seat will be replaced will a forward-facing booster seat until the child is 4’9". AAA says most manufacturing companies include information on the required measurements and weight limits for parents.

"Most parents do read the information on car seats for the safety of their children, but some people are in a hurry, " says Zanesville Store Manager, Rhoda Collins.

If you hurry to read the information though and don’t follow the guidelines that can get parents into trouble.

"They can be ticketed, and god forbid the worst case scenario. We don’t want them to be involved in an acciden, " says Collins.

Parents are also encouraged to talk to their kids as they get older about safety in the car. So kids don’t try to get out of their cars seats or un-buckle their seat belts.

It’s all part of Child Passenger Safety Week, which will continue through this Saturday.